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Safer, easier, cashless.

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How it works

No cash, no cards, no ATM fees — just your phone number
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Add funds, track purchases, and update personal information on your mobile device
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Pay in store

Use one of our terminals to make purchases in-store
All you need is your phone number and PIN
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Save money

No transaction fees
No ATM fees
No fees, period

Now available in Washington

We are one of the first companies licensed by the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions to serve the payment needs of the cannabis industry

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Your security is our priority

Your connection to Evergreen Pay is encrypted with SSL, and your personal information is stored on secure servers using AES-256 bit encryption

We tokenize all financial information to provide an even higher level of security

Getting started with the app

Evergreen Pay app on iPhone

Download the app, create an Evergreen Pay account, and link your bank account


Verify your bank account and fund your Evergreen Pay balance


Manage your account on your phone and pay in-store using our terminals

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